Pride Flag at Veterans’ Memorial? No Thank You.


To the Editor,

I am writing to express my concerns and the shared sentiments of many local veterans regarding the recent decision to display the Pride flag on our Town Memorial during the month of June.

As a community member who deeply respects the sacrifices of our veterans, I understand the complex emotions surrounding this matter.  The Town Memorial, funded and constructed through the generosity of Manchester residents and the dedicated efforts of our veterans, stands as a sacred testament to those who have served our country.

During the town meeting, I, alongside my fiancé, neighbors, and several local veterans, voiced our preference for an alternative location for the Pride flag. 

This request stems from a desire to maintain the Memorial’s solemnity and the dignity it bestows upon our heroes’ memories.

The veterans who built and have maintained this Memorial for 8 years feel that its sanctity should be preserved.  They fought valiantly for our freedoms, including the freedom of expression that the Pride flag represents.  However, they ask that the Memorial remain a dedicated space that reflects its intended purpose—a tribute to all Manchester residents who have donned the uniform in service to our nation.

To be clear, my stance is not against the Pride flag or its symbolism.  I fully support the flag’s display in personal spaces or other appropriate public areas within our town.  My appeal is to honor the wishes of our veterans by finding a suitable alternative location for the Pride flag, ensuring that the Memorial continues to stand as a singular beacon of respect and gratitude. 

I urge fellow residents to join me in this dialogue with our town officials.  Let us collectively advocate for a solution that respects both the wishes and legacy of our veterans and those who advocate for issues the Pride flag embodies.


Kim Kahner, Manchester