On March 5, Vote Ashley Sullivan for Mass Republican Committee


To the Editor,

I'm writing to endorse Ashley Sullivan for Republican State Committeewoman.

An acquaintance, who supports a different candidate, condescendingly asked me just what I thought makes her qualified.  Without having to give it much thought, I told her Ashley is a working-class woman who loves America.  She can relate to ordinary people who struggle to make ends meet, buy groceries, etc.  She has the best education of all needed for this job, which is experience and the school of hard knocks.

But Ashley has also been to school for business administration and marketing, and she is currently enrolled pre-law for government law and policy.

Ashley has years of experience as chair of the GRCC, and she and her husband are small business owners in Gloucester. 

Doing is learning, and she's done it all.

Her opponent, Cynthia Bjorlie, may have a degree in medicine, but that in no way makes her better qualified.  If anything, she is more out of touch with the needs of the everyday family. Ashley is determined, a go-getter, follows through, looks down on nobody, and has sincere commitment to always learn and grow.  She's also kind, thoughtful, and generous with her time.

Both candidates are anti-vaccine, but the difference is that Ashley has a vaccine-injured child and has lived the ramifications of that, while the other candidate's ONLY stated reason for running is vaccines.

My acquaintance's insinuation that Bjorlie is somehow smarter or better qualified because she has multiple degrees is based on elitism.  Sadly, her people skills are lacking in a big way.  We average folks need someone we can relate to, who is US, and Ashley is that woman.

Please consider giving her your vote on March 5.

Dianne Eason, Gloucester