Manchester's Volunteers Deserve Better Than Carping by Those Too Busy to Serve


To the Editor,

I’m writing to express an opinion regarding the recently published letter in The Cricket from Ms. Betsy Kross of Manchester.

First, let me state that I have been involved in Manchester zoning both as a member and alternate member of the ZBA for many years.  During all this time, I have never heard or witnessed any member of ZBA sitting around a table, of whatever shape, expressing ideas or opinions without regard to what’s ethical, legal or in the best interests of our lovely Town. Please remember, we live here too, and we respect our history and culture.

I do wish that more of the general public would take the time to understand what the MBTA Zoning mandate stipulates instead of expressing opinions without regard to the facts.  I recommend getting and reading the Frequently Asked Questions, which can be downloaded from the  Town's website HERE.

Statements like those in Ms. Kross’ letter are inflammatory and promote fear.  Speculation about what might occur should the MBTA Zoning mandate be approved do not help those on the Planning Board, the ZBA or MBTA Task Force do their job, nor do they serve to educate or inform our fellow Manchester residents.

Those who have the privilege and honor of serving on Town boards do so because they want to help do what is the Town’s best interest.  They do not deserve to incur the wrath of those who are usually too busy to serve but not too busy to carp.

Thank you,

Jim Diedrich