Here’s to one of MERSD’s Most Cherished Assets: Joanne Seaman


To the Editor,

At the end of this school year on June 13th, Manchester Essex Regional School District will lose one of our most valuable assets. The dedicated nurse at the Memorial School, Joanne Seaman, will retire. I have had the fortune of knowing Joanne since September 2000 when I brought our first born to kindergarten. As a new mom at Memorial with 3 kids under 5, she was always warm, comforting, and supportive. She made that transition so much smoother for me. Since that day, I spent over 10 years as a parent in the school, had the pleasure of working with her for five years, and am also lucky to call her my friend and neighbor.
Many people in the town have been touched by Joanne. She has cared for our children and
treated them like her own. Her calls to parents usually began with, “Everything is fine,” and her special crackers cure most ailments. Although my saltines at home never managed to do the same. Over the past 28 years, Joanne has devoted her time to the lives of hundreds of children and parents. She is the first person in the building and one of the last to leave every day. Her dedication has been unrivaled, and she leaves enormous shoes to fill.
I think it would be great for her to hear from children and parents of the past and present students. Please consider writing a card, sharing a story, or sending in a photo. This is an emotional time for Joanne, and we need to show her the love she has shown our own kids all these years! Please send her well wishes to Manchester Memorial School, Attn: Luci DiTullio, 43 Lincoln Street, Manchester 01944 or via email to
Thank you,
Abby Levendusky