Essex Shipbuilding Museum To Hold Five-day Skiff Building Workshop


Looking for a holiday gift for the shipbuilder in your life?  Look no further.  The Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum (EHSSM) announced its upcoming program, “Heritage and Hulls: From A Carved Model to the Lofting Floor”, a five-day half-model workshop.  This hands-on course, running from February 19 - 23, offers a deep dive into the traditional shipbuilding techniques that have been a cornerstone of Essex’s heritage for over three centuries.

Under the expert guidance of National Heritage Fellow and Master Shipwright Harold Burnham and EHSSM’s Executive Director KD Montgomery, participants will explore the intricacies of the Essex ship design process.  The workshop provides a unique opportunity to engage in half-hull carving, creating a working model of the historically significant SYLVINA W. BEAL.  This process teaches the art of model making and bridges the gap between theoretical design and practical application, with each step relating back to the lofting floor.

Participates in this course contribute to EHSSM’s mission of preserving and celebrating Essex’s rich maritime heritage.  The SYLVINA W. BEAL, chosen for its historical significance, is an engaging subject for this immersive educational experience.

The workshop is open to all, with EHSSM members enjoying a special discount. For more information visit