Cape Ann COSMOS Releases Gloucester 400+ COSMOS Culture Folio


Cape Ann COSMOS has published a special edition of its digital arts and culture magazine, “Gloucester 400+ COSMOS Culture Folio,” that features 15 original articles drawn from the defining stories of cultural heritage of Gloucester. 

Co-editors of the Folio edition are Manchester resident Chris Munkholm and Bing McGilvray.  The design editor is Meredith Anderson.

The 15 articles cover a broad range of topics, from the “Sky Watchers of Pole Hill,” by Maryellen Lepionka, an independent scholar studying the archaeology and early history of Cape Ann through the cast of characters in five houses associated with Gloucester’s “Gold Coast” era to today’s renowned artists who continue the city’s cultural legacy.  The special edition was made available online this week.  Entry level subscriptions are free, and the Gloucester 400+ articles will be available through the end of the calendar year.

A partial list of the Gloucester 400+ COSMOS Culture Folio articles includes:

  • Wonasquam Village and the Skywatchers: Discovering Gloucester’s Ancient History,by Mary Ellen Lepionka, anthropologist
  • Gloucester and the Arts,by Bing McGilvray, writer and Illustrator
  • Charles Olson, Maximus of Gloucester,by Gary Grieve-Carlson, The Charles Olson Society
  • Full of Satiable Curtiosity: The Early History of Cape Ann Museum,by Stephanie Buck, former archivist of Cape Ann Museum
  • Jazz, by Peter Anastas, Enduring Gloucester blog
  • From Beauport to Fenway Court: Five Figures in Five Houses at the Twilight of Gloucester’s Gold Coast Era,Caleb McMurphy, Hammond Castle Museum
  • Privateersman Jonathan Haraden, by James Masciarelli, Author

Cape Ann COSMOS is a subscription-based digital blog founded in 2019 to provide information on the region’s cultural events, people, and destinations.

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