A Letter to the Citizens of Manchester by the Sea,


To the Editor,

If the MBTA and the Affordable housing requirements get their way, this is how I envision our beautiful town in 5+ years.

  1. Multiple traffic lights on School Street, Beach Street and Pine Street
  2. There will be horrific traffic. 3 story parking Garage behind Town Hall will be needed
  3. Three-story apartment building where the Community Center is
  4. Trailers will have be brought in to our schools to house the additional students, eliminating some athletic fields
  5. Classrooms will be jammed, and schools will decay faster than anticipated.
  6. School Street will have to do with the sidewalk on one side. This helps the trucks get down the street
  7. The beach will be overflowing. Parking will be $25 per car. Resident only
  8. Crime rate will increase
  9. And, I could go on …

This obviously is what one person sees for our future. The whole process is ridiculous. Who pays for all this?

Our wonderful town, which we all love, will become just another overcrowded city. I use "city" because if our government wants all that it proposes, it will no longer be a town.

I envision our government sits at a round table and comes up with these proposals without any regard to the history of our town or size.

And finally, property prices will decrease, our school’s good reputation will end up middle of the road.

And, the MBTA is still unreliable and poorly maintained.  GO FIGURE.


Betsy Kross